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HOPE, Our Emergency Shelter for Families

The pandemic has left an indelible mark on our organization, as we work with the hundreds of families now in or facing eviction.  Consider: over the past year our waiting list has been the longest we’ve ever seen in the organization’s history.  In response we’re activating a new Diversion Program to divert families from shelter and provide optional resources such as transportation to a family member that can assist.

HOPE provides three dorms for families in emergency situations as they seek permanent housing. While at HOPE, we provide families with bed and shelter and meals. Our team can assist with student assessment, enrollment in school and afterschool support. Our team will focus on housing assistance for parents, and we partner with the Kearney Center who host an array of other support systems including enrollment in healthcare, adult education programming and employment services.

We are reliant on hundreds of volunteers who assist in our kitchen, donate items, and help us in a myriad of ways. Families seeking emergency shelter or affordable housing services can reach us at:

(850) 576-5566

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Veteran Support Services

It’s perhaps a best kept secret that we are the single largest nonprofit in our area working to provide affordable housing to veterans that were formerly homeless.  We currently operate one 54-unit affordable housing site for veterans, and also help veterans and their families to find housing and support services – from mattresses to rental subsidies.  Our vision is this: we believe that our community can end veteran homelessness and we plan to be a part of that effort by expanding our footprint of affordable housing for veterans.

Veterans can reach us at:


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